Thursday, May 1, 2014

Connections and Lines of Communication

Connections are what makes things work. Your light switch would not turn on the lights if it was not connected to electricity. There are many connections from the switch back to the original power supply. If a connection is lost, you are in the dark. Without them you have nothing to turn your lights on. You also need to be connected to the ground. The ground is named as such because it is the earth itself that allows this electricity thing to work. There are also many connections from your switch to the ground  itself. This part is just a baseline to start you thinking in lines of connection, which will bring us to communication. The switches and transformers on down the line control how and how much electricity can travel to its next point. Therefore communicating on down the line.

Other forms of connection could be when you and a friend or a loved one know each other so well, that you just know what they are thinking or what they will do in certain situations. Phones used to be connected to wires that put you into a network and you could call anyone in the network. Now our cell phones, still connected to a network, just not with wires, but still, without the connection, you have nothing. Trailers connected to trucks, Train cars connected to each other as well as the tracks. Even a plane could not fly without the connection to air, volume and velocity. So many things rely on connections.

We are all connected in many ways. Take the electricity example. All our houses everywhere in the world are connected to the same ground (the earth itself) and all the neighbors in an area are connected to the same power supply. Our connections to each other and other things run so deep it would astonish you if you even start to look for the connections. I would describe it as an energy much like the electricity but closer to a cellphone connection. You are connected to people and things on the other side of the world in so many ways I wouldn't even be able to begin to describe it. But I will say in order to start to understand it, we all need to be grounded. That is where it all starts.

Connections are lines of communication as well. Its obvious in the phone examples. But some communications are so subtle and the connection sometimes is unnoticeable. Sometimes a gesture can communicate something. In this case the connection is seeing the gesture and knowing what it means. We can communicate through sound. In this case the connection would be our being able to hear the communication. We can communicate through scent. Horses and Dogs greet and communicate territory and personal traits through smell. We can communicate through touch. In this case you would feel something and learn to know what it means. We can also communicate through emotions and / or energy. In this example here it could be any combination of the above examples. The most unseen connection and line of communication is knowledge or intuition. In this case the communication is of an evaluating nature and your knowledge and understanding of what should, could or will happen next. The more knowledge you gain and understand, the more intuitive you become. This will help you to heighten your awareness. Intuition can also be described as a feel or feeling.

Most commonly people communicate using verbal or visual lines of communication. When we communicate with our horses we tend to communicate through touch. Whether it be with our leg or rein, our touch communicates our intentions to the horse. Most of us are pretty good at communicating to the horse, but most of us are also very negligent about listening to them. This is where knowledge and intuition can help you. You have to remember that to communicate, is to have a conversation. And if you have ever talked with someone you just can't get a word in edge wise, you know how aggravating this can be. This is why horses tend to act out in most cases. They are making their feelings known when they do this. Pretty much translated to, "Damn it, why aren't you listening to me" The better you understand them when they are telling you something and respond appropriately to it, the more they will trust you and relax when you take the lead.

To understand the Horse we have to stop making excuses for their behavior and really give a solid effort to figuring it out. By doing this and doing it well, we create a connection with them that becomes almost spiritual. You will both become intuitively connected in so many ways. In order for this to take place you need to become a truth seeker. Making sure not to make any excuses at all. Find all the natural connections, site, sound, scent, touch, energy and emotion, and learn all aspects of how they work. This will increase your knowledge and intuition as well as the horses. The Horse will most likely get there ahead of you, but that's OK. This should help you get there as well if you are listening to them. If you listen with your heart most of all your intuition will grow stronger. The challenge in that is when things get to be higher energy, the heartbeat is silenced or ignored. The way to overcome this is to stay grounded and connected emotionally and keep the emotions down even when the energy is up. In this way, the heart will still be very prominent. There will be times the Horses emotional and / or physical energy spikes. When this happens we need to get our physical energy up with their energy but keep our emotions neutral. It can be a tall order sometimes but we get better at it the more we try.

I hope this topic has as much importance in you whole life as it does mine. This topic can be expanded on greatly so feel free to comment or ask questions to bring more information to everyone else.

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