Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hearing Nature's Voice


For the longest time I've been working to find a way to explain the most important aspects of communication.

When I communicate with a horse, a dog, or any animal that doesn't speak verbally, I rely on my ability to interpret the things that can't be said, can't be touched, and can't be seen. I talk about it in many ways but most people either don't understand or don't believe it is possible.

I recently read an article about talking to nature. I can appreciate the article to its fullest. For many who may read it, they would  think it was all hogwash.

Thinking just that, I started pondering on a way to explain how a person would go about "Hearing Nature's Voice"  By doing this I think we can make a connection to how it works with animals as well.

A person can receive tons of information if they know how to interpret it. Nature is a hobby for me. I am into wilderness survival, edible wild plant life, using what nature provides. I admit my skills are probably not as good what my Great Grandfather's generation would have had, and certainly not what the Native American people would've had prior to the European invasion. But when I look at a tree, it tells me a story. In a quick glance I can tell a great deal about its life and the life of everything around it. If I was standing on a mountain looking down on a valley and viewing other mountains, I could tell by the growth on each mountain where I might need to go to find certain things. The trees and the lay of the land tells me what will be growing under those trees, where a stream should be so I could find water. This can be done by anyone with prior knowledge and understanding of nature's harmony and the purpose for its existence. Again, I know my skills could use some great improvements. But this basic thing I understand.

This is just another way for me to explain how I communicate with the animals as well. You have to listen without hearing, feel without touch, speak without saying a word. Interpretation of thought through thought. Energy received and returned in an endless cycle of harmony. Again I am still evolving into this capability and have much to learn. It doesn't always work. Misinterpretation, distractions, hurrying, and not thinking ahead can all make a mess of things. But when it is working, it's something so special.

I realize most people could care less about this. They just want to ride and the subtleties aren't important. That's OK. It's their choice. I know this and it's the main reason I don't push it or do any hard core advertising.

Also, this is at the end for a reason. It's the ones who are looking for this type of thing that I am most interested in working with. Sure I can give riding lessons, train their horse, or help them with their problems. And I am happy to do so. I would never turn anyone away. It's an opportunity for me to plant a seed of thought in their mind. Maybe it will grow interest. If not, I am still happy to have helped them with whatever it is they come to me for. I can't say enough how happy I am to help whoever is in need of some help.

My outlook on life is to always try to make the world a better place. I will do my best till my end days.
Thanks for reading.

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